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We are the company that provides first class service to our customers
Our goal is to ensure that you are perfectly equipped for work.

Tools & clothing

We provide everything within construction clothing, tools, business branded clothing & working shoes.

customized solutions

Contact us if you need additional information regarding our customized solutions for your business.


In our shop we can print your business logos and slogans with great quality.

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Email: info@kjellsarbetsklader.se


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our history

Kjells Arbetskläder & Verktyg AB, also known as Göteborgs Arbetskläder, was established in 1989. Since the start, our company goals have been to provide personal service, a big assortment as well as quick deliveries. These are the main pillars of our business.

We are well established and can offer clothing and tools from many well known brands. See some of our partners further down on the site.

The skill of providing high qualitative products in combination with our own printing service generates a very high customer satisfaction.

our business idea

  • We are the experts within our area
  • Our products are suited for the construction industry and the shipping industry
  • With knowledge and flexibility we will provide high quality products 

Welcome to join our family today!


We do a lot of our printing right away in our store and it takes about 30 seconds to print one item. We will do this directly for you while you’re in the store.

Our special Transfer Printing Technology is a screen print that is heated right on to the item. Transfer Printing is mostly used for caps, but can also be a very efficient technique for more difficult products such as construction clothing and bags. The advantage of using this technology is that the products can be stored and used later on and the print will still look brand new.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more.

our partners

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Visit our store or contact us so we can find a solution that fits your business.

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